Drigh Lake

Drigh Lake  is located in Qambar Shahdadkot District in Sindh, Pakistan, 29 kilometres (18 mi) from Larkana metropolis and seven kilometres (4 mi) from Qambar city. It has a floor place of 408 acres (one hundred sixty five ha) and the jogging duration of the lake from North to South is set five.Sixty four Miles. Formed in the floods of 1814, 1815 and 1817.

Drigh Lake is a good vicinity for resident and iciness migratory birds like night time heron, gray heron, pink heron, first-rate white egret, little egret, mallard, gadwal, pintail, shoveller, common teal, tufted duck, wigeon, osprey, marsh harrier, white breasted kingfisher, pied kingfisher, small blue kingfisher, crimson galinule, white-breasted waterhen, moorhen, cormorant, common pochard, pied harrier, crow pheasant, darter, garganey, ferruginous duck, greater noticed eagle, moorhen, marbled teal and coot.

Drigh Lake become declared a flora and fauna sanctuary in 1972 and become targeted as a Ramsar site identified by means of the united state as A World Heritage site in 1976. Drigh lake is a privately owned belongings belonging to the “Shaikh” family DRIGH lake is a joint property of the Sardar noor Muhammad khan Shaikh.

Dignitaries who’ve visited the Drigh Dhand Apart from King George the 5th and Queen Mary Of England in 1918, Yasir Arafat, Raza Shah Pehlwi of Iran, Hafiz al-Asad of Syria, Muammar Qaddafi of Libya, Queen Elizabeth II of England and her husband Prince Philip, Shaikh Zahid of UAE, King Hussein of Jordan and previous Pakistani leaders President of the country Field Martial General Ayub Khan, Shaheed Zulifqar Ali Bhutto Prime minister of Pakistan, President General Yahya Khan, and General Ziaul Haq while he was leader of military body of workers within the tenure of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s Prime Minister ship.

Presently The Lake is beneath direct supervision of various individuals of the shaikh family.

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