Hanna Lake

Hanna Lake is a lake in Urak Valley close to Quetta town in Balochistan Province in southwestern Pakistan. It is surrounded through mountains.


Hanna Lake is inside the hills close to in which the Urak Valley starts 17 kilometres (11 mi) east from Quetta city. The reservoir grow to be constructed in 1894 for the duration of the British Colonial era on the land of neighborhood tribesmen, and is one of the predominant attractions in the metropolis and a wonderful historical bridge wall amongst two mountains the depths like battlements of a fortress for storing of water.


There is a lakeside eating place with picnic tables shaded by using way of pine timber at the prevent of the river wherein households can enjoy the meals and weather at the jap factor the Hayat Durrani Water Sports Academy (HDWSA) the first and handiest rowing, canoeing, kayaking and sailing education and championships establishing centre in Balochistan Province with provision of difficult swimming facility. Hanna Lake is one of the maximum visited and accessible lakes in Balochistan.


In 1894[citation needed], the small motion dam Surrpull (Red Bridge) grow to be built on crucial Urak street to manipulate flood and divert water catastrophically into Hanna Lake coming from the Zarghoon Ghar and Murddar Mountains Koh-i-Murdaar streams, snow melting and rains via its most important canal.

Over a century vintage in 1908, this lake turn out to be spread over an area of 818 acres with a protective capability of over 220 million gallons of water and a depth of forty nine toes (15 m).In 1973 a heavy flood destroyed the Murdar Mountains recharge related canal at the manner to Surrpull close to Spin Kaarrez street which has not been (Restored) reconstructed till date.

Presently on May 2016 the heavy flood stuffed this small movement dam Surrpull with dust and stones resultantly all the streams and floods water are going waste and there’s no threat to modify water conservancy to Hanna lake without the restoration, Desilting of surrpull and each essential canals alternatively the water level in Hanna Lake is going deadly low therefore the natural environment wild lifestyles, environment of the surrounding, natives collectively with masses of migrated birds and masses of fish determined by means of using the future of the athletes of rowing and canoeing are in risk and on give up the Hanna Lake will be absolutely dried like in 1999 to January 2005 and in 2010.

The environmental scientists, Speleologists and the Conservationist are searching the future of the lake in most risky condition and the current risky environment situations will badly have an effect on the natural eco device, surroundings, underground water degree of the environment, however the small movement dam surpull became locally restored / desilted in February 2019 with the assist of Hashim Khan Ghalzai secretary P&D and Hayatullah Khan Durrani C.E HDWSA and because the rain flood from Zarghoon mountains are continuesly coming to Hanna Lake and the water degree has been raised as a good deal as 50%.

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