Kalam is place where there is streams, transcending mountains, cascades and beautiful individuals. Kalam is one of top visited place in northern zones of Pakistan. Kalam has all fixings to be named as top vacationer goal in Pakistan. Kalam has incredible timeberlands for outdoors, pleasant mountains for treeking and ascending, lakes for drifting and different decent retreats to remain. Mohdand lake is one of most invigorating pool of norhtern Pakistan. Mohdand Lake is 2 hours jeep drive from Kalam Bazar. On they way you can visit USHU Jungle, and Mataltan regions which has one of greatest cascades. The atmosphere consistently remain chilled there and you have to have hotter outfit to remain simple. The street structure is being imrpoved as street from Madyan towards kalam isn’t fine however it is being covered.

There are some different regions in swat which needs worth visiting. Murghzar is extremly green and decent area in swat zone which is 30 minutes drive from Saidu sharif which is capital of Swat. White royal residence is likewise in swat offering incredible cutltural esteem which was worked in 1940’s with same marble as utilized in Taj Mahal. There are old places in swat also. Malam Jabba is most elevated point in Swat generally popular during winter season for skiing.

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