Khalti Lake

Khalti Lake is located in the Tehsil Punial of Ghizer District, the westernmost a part of the Gilgit–Baltistan region and northernmost territory of Pakistan. This lake is an vital deliver of clean water and has a inventory of trout. A PTDC lodge is located nearby with a view of the lake. The water is pretty cold which flows directly from surrounding glaciers. The lake generally freezes in iciness season and people can without problems walk on it.

Khalti Lake is located in Khalti Village of Ghizer District (Gilgit-Baltistan), Pakistan at approximately 2,217 metres (7,274 ft) from sea diploma. The lake is known for its habitat of trout fish. The lake is in a bend of the Ghizer River close to the village of Khalti. Khalti Lake is understood for its stock of trout. Originally, the trout changed into positioned into the River Ghizer close to Golaghmuli Village. Those fishes multiplied in variety and reached nearly every part of Gupis Valley.

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