Miranzai Valley

The Miranzai Valley, also Hangu, is a mountainous valley situated in the Kohat and Hangu districts within the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. It is made up of two valleys, draining from the southwest into the Kurram and northeast into the Kohat Tai. It is divided into upper and decrease Miranzai. It extends from the Bangash and Orakzai hills to the Bangashs. It is forty miles (sixty four km) in length and is 546 rectangular miles (1,410 km2) in vicinity. East of Hangu there are various smaller valleys; west of Hangu, inclusive of all the top part of the valley, there’s a huge and open undeniable, bare of bushes. There are many ravines on this and the surrounding region, with many inhabitants, predominantly the Bangash and Orakzai peoples.

British army expeditions happened in the area whilst it turned into still a part of India inside the past due 19th century because of disturbance. Until 1893, this valley became dominated by using the Khans of Hangu who ruled the complete country from the Indus to the Kurram. For example, Ghulam Mohammad Khan, who was the Khan of Hangu within the time of Nadir Shah, is said to have ruled over Baizai (Kohat) and as a long way as Matanni in the Peshawar district.

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