Naltar Lakes

There are three lakes in Naltar Valley called Naltar Lakes ) or Bashkiri Lakes at altitudes ranging from 3,050–3,150 metres (10,010–10,330 ft). In one of the three lakes shade of water is inexperienced (because of grasses grown within the lake) at the identical time as the second one has blue coloured water and the 0.33 has azure colored water. The first, Bashkiri Lake is located at a distance of approximately 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) from Upper Naltar (or the Naltar Bala). The road as a good deal as the lakes is a dust street along a circulate flowing down the valley. The lakes are surrounded with the aid of dense pine forests. The notable time to visit the lakes is from May to October. During the iciness, it becomes almost now not possible to reach the lake through manner of automobile because of the heavy snowfall inside the Naltar Valley.

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