Noori Top Lake

Noori Top is a high mountain top at a rise of 3.959m (12,988ft) over the ocean level, situated in Kaghan Valley, on the fringe of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Province and Kashmir, in Pakistan.

The way to the summit is essentially unnerving. The surface is rock and soak. It’s a thin street loaded with barrette turns. You gain stature at each progression turn, more wild is included by mud, rock and water streams. Drivers must stay mindful as the pass has been known to kill reckless drivers. Take a tip from the tortoise: steady minded individuals will win in the end. At numerous focuses, track is tight to the point, that just a single vehicle can go, and in the event of a vehicle originating from inverse side, at that point one need to stop at a broadened fix so other can go first.








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