Pir Lasura National Park

Pir Lasura National Park (PLNP), situated in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (Pakistan), has been proclaimed as a national park in 2005 however it has not been pronounced as secured national park till date. Present investigation was wanted to evaluate biodiversity of the district to set up the gauge data for future advancement and protection of the national park. Quick biodiversity evaluation of the zone, did in Summer 2010, proposes that the zone has 159 types of vascular plants, having a place with 83 distinct families, showing up in various propensity structures, viz. tree, bushes, herbs and grasses and epiphytes. Overview for creature species affirmed nearness of 16 warm blooded creatures, 119 winged creatures, 24 reptiles, 6 creatures of land and water and 15 butterfly species in PLNP. The examination proposes that the recreation center region is wealthy in biodiversity, which needs fast preservation measures. Soil biota and creature/plant parasite despite everything should be worked out. Further point by point studies can include some other uncommon species into this rundown.

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