Shandur Lake



Shandur Lake is one of the most lovely pools of Pakistan. It is situated in the locale of Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan as a high mountain pass interfaces it to Chitral and Gilgit. The upper side of the lake is level so it is additionally called Roof of the World. Its excellence is superb.

The mists that drift above it add to its magnificence. The temperature there is constantly 14 degrees Celsius, never going up or down, keeping up a shady climate. The greenery wherever at Shandur gets the hearts of travelers, and the valleys of Shandur increment its excellence as a rule. The spot is most well known in view of the Shandur Polo Festival. Shandur Polo Festival is perhaps the greatest celebration in Pakistan, it is held in Pakistan from seventh to ninth July consistently.

The most noteworthy polo ground on the planet at 12,200 feet is situated in Shandur. Consistently, there is a polo coordinate played on Shandur Top between the host groups of Gilgit and Chitral. Individuals from everywhere throughout the world come to join in. It’s an incredible spot for an outing and taking pictures. It’s regularly contrasted with Switzerland, yet I trust Shandur is unmistakably progressively excellent. Consistently individuals come in Shandur Polo Festival only for the astonishing scenes of Shandur and to get its magnificence in their cameras. In Pakistan a large portion of the celebrations are kept there should its fascination, visit Chitral you will discover “Gior bisi shanduro te” composed on vehicles, dividers and lodgings. It is currently simple to visit Chitral to Shandur on the yearly celebrations since now there is assembled a jeepable street to interface Chitral with Gilgit. These yearly celebrations run for three days and even Shandur is referenced in the melodies they sing in the celebration, the tunes doesn’t just respect Shandur these additionally tell the truth of the individuals living there. Chitralis sit tight the total year only for the one day, it doesn’t just pull in youth, yet additionally the old men, even individuals take their yak to brush there in summer as it is secured with snow for five months of the year. Next to, the lake for two miles there are mountains to the two sides of the lake. The celebrations here are an incredible open door for the individuals to grandstand neighborhood culture to the guests. It’s charmer we can by number of the guests it gets every year, in a year it gets 1,000 guests. As an essayist said ” there are a couple of things, which get your eyes, yet there is seemingly insignificant detail, which get your heart”, and the citation suits on Shandur as it gets the hearts of the voyagers. In particular, such places are gainful for the children and understudies to assemble their innovativeness, at whatever point we visit the spots like this then we watch the youngsters discussing its excellence.








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