Shigar Valley

The Shigar Valley is a valley in Gilgit Baltistan in northern Pakistan that is watered with the useful resource of the Shigar River, and focused on the town of Shigar. The valley stretches approximately one hundred seventy km from Skardu to Askole and is the gateway to the excessive mountains of the Karakoram. The metropolis of Shigar is the largest settlement in valley. Even despite the fact that the Shigar Valley is a far off and in large part inaccessible region, there are numerous villages inside the valley. Askole is the final settlement within the Shigar Valley, which remains a long manner from the excessive mountains. Shigar have become an administrative sub-branch of Skardu District this is now a district in its personal right.

This Valley is a flow into of the Indus River, which is near to the metropolis of Skardu. It is a famous vacation spot for trekking, hiking and mountaineering, despite the hard conditions there. Also, the valley is an appeal for the tourists as it’s far a gateway to Karakoram Hills, one of the global’s highest peaks is K2.

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