Shinkari valley

There are high faculties in each authorities and personal sectors, which includes the APS (navy public college). Hazara University is located some 10 km far from the town of Shinkari.

The Karakoram Highway is the main direction passing through the metropolis of Shinkari. This road results in the capital of the Federally Administered Northern Areas at Gilgit and to China thru the path of the historical Silk Highway.

The economic system of the town relies on agriculture. Tea gardens and tobacco, wheat, maize and rice are cultivated within the fertile land of Pakhal.

Hindko and the Pushto are the local languages spoken in Shinkari.

The climate is usually excellent and maximum temperatures throughout summer time are 30 C and minimal temperatures in winter are -4C. There is snowfall in winter.

“ The Kohistan of the Indus Valley, which is likewise referred to as Shinkari, “the country of the Shins “with the aid of the humans themselves is inhabited by what are reputedly the remains of a number of tribes of cognate race, whose progenitors as soon as inhabited the valleys skirting the Punjab, and possibly extended to the north and north west had been hitherto confounded beneath the call of Dards -a name which practically, has no real signification.

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